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Leonardo Da Vinci, Le Proporzioni dell'Uomo
Cameraphoto Arte is an archive and photographic studio based in Venice which specializing in photographing paintings, sculpture, architecture, installations and interiors.
Founded in 1946, the company is active in its present form since 1987. For many years it has worked with italian and international publishers, foundations and institutions, and with professors and students of many prestigious universities worldwide. The Cameraphoto team produces professional digital photographs of exceptional quality with state of the art digital postproduction. With more than 20,000 photographs of Venice and her works of art and architecture, her museums and monuments, Cameraphoto has the most comprehensive collection of images available anywhere. Images from the Veneto and other italian and foreign museums and monuments are also well represented.
Leonardo da Vinci, Vitruvian Man
Cameraphoto Arte di Codato G.P.e C. Snc., Casella Postale 50 PT Mestre 8, 30172 Venezia, Italy - tel +39 3517951180 - e-mail info@cameraphoto.it